A little bit of everything all in one place!

SUBA's Piercing Studio offers state of the art sterilization facilities. Our piercer is conscientious, sanitary, gentle, and the areas only FAKIR and APP trained piercer with more than 13yrs experience. SUBA offers a large selection of high end body jewelry, including 14k gold, titanium, noibium and organics (horn, bone, wood and stone) as well as glass. We carry small and larger gauge jewelry.  

The Boutique offers a wide variety of women's clothing and accessory styles to suit most tastes and budgets.

SUBA is proud to bring you Fair Trade, Locally Roasted, Organic Coffee/Espresso from TETON COFFEE CO. Our espresso cafe uses disposable plastics made from corn or potato and are completely biodegradable. We refuse to serve dairy products that contain Growth Hormone (RbST) or anti-biotics. Nor will we serve beverages or use syrups that contain high fructose corn syrup. If we wouldn't serve it to our own family, we won't serve it to yours.

The Internet & Espresso Cafe offers Free Hi-Speed WiFi